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The Mindful Nutrition

How to Enjoy the True Taste of Food, Have a Slim Body and 33 (+3) Home Cooking Recipes for a Delicious Degustation

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The Mindful Nutrition - Book coverDiscover how to create quality food without spending hours in the kitchen, eat with pleasure, and achieve optimum fitness!

Do you feel guilty and anxious about eating certain foods? Or find yourself unable to resist old habits to eat during stress even if you're not hungry? Have you tried every diet going only to see the weight creep back on again? Now is the time to stop what you're doing and try a different, natural, and brilliantly effective approach…

It is straightforward and, at the same time, is the most crucial goal—to focus on how to benefit people. Formally this book, The Mindful Nutrition, isn't just a cookbook. This book is designed to show you how to find your ideal weight in a comfortable, manageable, and mindful way while enjoying delicious food. It allows you to escape the endless diet trap by following simple yet potentially life-changing techniques to develop new effective habits and a much-improved relationship with food and your body.

Ivan Kuznietsov goal is to get as many people taking just a few minutes out of their day to practice powerful mindfulness exercises. Mindful nutrition is a crucial aspect of mindfulness, and as you start to practice it, you will notice profound results, both in terms of your shape but also your overall health and well-being. Imagine yourself achieve all this by following simple but powerful exercises from this book:
* Exercise on mindful eating;
* Exercise on mindful degustation;
* Exercise on mindful nutrition for optimal body weight.

At the same time, Ann Kuznietsova knows how important it is to eat well, whether you're training for a sports competition or just trying to live healthier. And just because it's a healthy food, doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste and flavor. As a culinary blogger, Ann shares her best recipes for people who want to eat well at home. Her rules are simple and proven in this book:
1. Home cooking has to be easy.
2. Home cooking got to be fast.
3. Home cooking got to be delicious.

Ivan Kuznietsov and Ann Kuznietsova are going to prove that however busy you are, it's still possible to cook stunning food. You will get a collection of new delicious recipes. And the products you need for cooking are available in almost every grocery store. Book divided into chapters highlighting different health-boosting benefits of recipes:
* Bread;
* Snacks;
* Main dishes;
* Desserts;
* Bonus (but it will be a surprise).

The exclusive benefits of this book: After reading it, you will know what to cook for Monday morning breakfasts through to Sunday night dinners. Also, the book contains: Stories from the author's life, quotes of famous people, kitchen hacks, interesting facts about food, useful tips, and all about the pleasure of cooking and sharing the very best home-cooked meals with family and friends.

Still hesitant? Click on the "Buy Now" button, and after reading this book, your doubts will be dispelled, and you will get pleasure and benefit!


Author's Notes

How to Eat Your First Apple
To better imbue with the idea of mindful nutrition, I suggest you get acquainted with one of my life stories.
It happened many years ago; I was still a child. My father and I often went for a long walk in those days and sometimes took something to eat with us. That day we walked near the river, and then decided to sit down under a tree. With us in a backpack, we had sandwiches and an apple cut into slices, from which we decided to start a mini-meal. Taking the first apple slice, at the same time, I began to talk about what I would do tomorrow at school. Talking with my father about upcoming lessons, which seemed very important and exciting to me, I became so carried away that I completely forgot about what I was doing at that moment. (Or rather what I was eating at that moment.) I took one apple slice and, before eating it, I immediately took the second and was ready to start eating it too. I almost did not realize what I was doing. Then my father said to me, "Primarily, chew on what is in your mouth. First, you miss the great taste of the apple, and secondly, so carried away by your thoughts while eating, you may come across a spoiled slice, and you will not even notice of this. Moreover, you may not feel that something is wrong with it. However, the consequences will undoubtedly be. It applies to any meal. More importantly, based on how you eat, people can judge your character."
Then these words brought me back to reality. Now I understand what happened at that moment. It was the same as if I hadn't eaten an apple at all. In fact, I "ate my thoughts" about the future.
Apple conditionally consists of slices. If you can mindfully eat one slice, you can probably eat the rest in this way. However, if you are not able to mindfully chew one slice, you can't eat this apple for real, with an awareness of what is happening.
At that moment, I understood something. I slowly put the second apple slice back and concentrated on the one that was already in my mouth. I carefully chewed it before swallowing, and only then took the next slice. Of course, I ate apples until that moment in my life, but it was a completely different experience. So for the first time in my life, I ate an apple.
Then, a similar approach to food became a part of me, and then it began to extend to my attitude to life. There are situations when not everything is calm, and not everything turns out as planned. Sometimes in such cases, I say to myself, "Do you remember the apple which eaten near the river? Your life is that apple. Some slices are delicious, and another is not very good. Nevertheless, gradually continue to eat it and don't think about anything else. Tomorrow there will be a new slice, but now appreciate the one you have."

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