The Mountain Man's Bride

In this sequel to The Mountain Man's Dog, rustic forester Lehigh Carter fights to clear first his own name, then that of his fiancée, Stacy McBride, as they are accused of murdering the deputy who once made their lives miserable.

The murder of popular acting Sheriff Jared Barkley in Clarkesville, a small town in Oregon's Cascade Mountains, puts Lehigh and Stacy's plans to marry on hold when Stacy is arrested for committing the crime. On the advice of her lawyer, Stacy cuts off ties to Lehigh, who remains a subject of the investigation himself by the crooked cops and politicians running Mt. Hood County.Lehigh's own lawyer, the smart, beautiful Samantha Pullen, works the legal angles to keep Lehigh out of jail, but he ignores her advice to keep a low profile and conducts his own investigation into the murder -- putting himself in greater danger than he ever imagined.

A chance meeting with an old high school football teammate prompts Lehigh to visit the victim's grieving mother, who will only talk to one who has suffered the same way--Lehigh's own mother, who, in her advancing senile dementia, blames Lehigh for the death of his older brother when they were tykes. When the two women bond, Lehigh becomes privy to new information revealing a series of clandestine meetings between Jared and Stacy leading up to his death--meetings that look a lot like an ongoing secret love affair, rekindled from their youth.

As Lehigh continues his investigation, his doubts about Stacy's innocence multiply--particularly when she appears to make romantic overtures to her ex-fianceé, attorney Paul van Paten, a leading member of the conspiracy against Lehigh. Cooperating with the only honest cop he knows in the county, Detective "Gentleman Jim" Wadsworth, Lehigh plays a high-stakes game of legal chicken to infiltrate the conspiracy and discover the truth behind Jared Barkley's murder.

Author's Notes

The Mountain Man is back!

And this time, he’s pissed.

Lehigh and Stacy are now engaged, planning their wedding. But the murder of Acting Sheriff Jared Barkley puts a kink in their plans. To wit: the crooked local cops and politicians want to pin the murder on the happy couple.

But Lehigh is an ornery sort, not to mention stubborn and persistent. He has two dogs to help him sniff out the truth - and one of the local police, at least, isn't playing along with the conspiracy against him.

Here's what others have to say about The Mountain Man's Bride:

“Have you ever loved someone so much you’d go to prison for them? Lehigh, Stacy, and their dogs are on the road again… Romance thwarted by family dysfunction, jealousy,corrupt cops, deceptions, and politics combine to make for another fun Northwest wild ride.”
–Eric Witchey, award-winning author of Bull’s Labyrinth

“Gary Corbin skillfully captures the Pacific Northwest in this novel, from the landscape to the laid back ambitions. I fell in love with Lehigh Carter and his attitude towards authority. This is a good story and a very fun read.”
–Jill Kelly, author of Fog of Dead Souls and Broken Boys

The Mountain Man's Bride is a fast-paced crime thriller loaded with politics, romance, and humor, in which the backwoods, small town setting of Clarkesville and the protective nature of grateful, adopted dogs play central roles. The author draws on his family's history in the logging industry, his love of the Northwest and dogs, and his own small-town upbringing to add zest and realistic detail to a briskly-told story.

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