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The Saudi-Iranian War

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by Ted Halstead  US United States

March 1, 2019   |    916 reads    |   0 comments

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The Saudi-Iranian War - Book coverIran has long wanted to overthrow the Saudi monarchy, so it can control Mecca and Medina. Will three nuclear weapons and an armored invasion let them succeed?
The two Russian agents introduced in The Second Korean War have orders to stop Iran’s plans, but to even partly succeed they’ll have to get the help of the General in charge of Russian forces in Syria. Convincing the General will require a persuasive, in person account by someone with direct knowledge of Iran’s nuclear program. Getting her out of Iran...won’t be easy.
The Saudis naturally ask the US for help. But with all US military bases near Saudi Arabia recently closed, only a risky experimental program is available. Will it work in time?

Author's Note: 

This book is the sequel to The Second Korean War, and features the same two Russian agents, Vladivostok homicide detective Anatoly Grishkov and FSB agent Andrei Vasilyev.

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