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The Stars At Night

by Kathy May Davies  US United States

October 16, 2014   |    1,228 reads    |   0 comments

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The Stars At Night - Book CoverJessie Hodges just moved to a ranch that is deep in the heart of Texas where a cattle rustling ring is stealing the cattle. A Texas Ranger is set on stopping it and that means guns. Even though his uniform is only a white shirt and big hat, the Ranger falls into the lawman category and the thought of men in uniforms makes her skin crawl. Her aversion is only a minor problem next to a burned house and barn, purposely set for a reason as mysterious as the man who acts the part of a Ranger but doesn’t wear the badge. She can’t ask him to leave for his past is woven in hers and even though he is unaware of the part he plays, her conscience weighs heavy in her heart. The ranch is supposed to be a haven, safe from the dark nights when gunfire was normal and soldiers wore bullet belts slung around their shoulders. She knew rats were universal but she hoped Texas would be half-civilized.

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