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The Taiwan Experience

by Alix Lee  TW Taiwan, Province of China

November 27, 2018   |    935 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The Taiwan Experience - Book coverOver the past 30+ years, Taiwan has evolved from an inward-looking one-party state to a vibrant, multi-party democracy. This book is the first of three covering Taiwan's gradual evolution from a one-party state to the democracy it is today, as seen through the eyes of a foreigner and Taiwan citizen resident in Taiwan for over 30 years. It covers both social and political changes, and provides insight into present-day political circumstances as well as political party-criminal organisation connections, among other things. The book provides a unique perspective on the political and social changes that have taken place in Taiwan not available elsewhere, and is also useful as a reference with respect to countries coming out of isolation such as North Korea, or for the multi-party political reform and democratisation process which will inevitably take place in China and the other few remaining one-party states in the coming years.

Author's Note: 

The book's opening quote by a former Chinese official is key: "Democracy is an unstoppable force". From a time only a few decades ago when most of the world was made up of one-party states, to the present day in which one-party states are facing extinction, we have seen and are seeing country after country adopting multi-party political systems. There are only 2 choices facing totalitarian regimes: embrace reform, or have it forced on you. Taiwan is an excellent example of the former and demonstrates how one-party states can avoid bloodshed and the fate of parties like the Soviet Communist Party.


About the Author

I’m a naturalised ROC (Taiwan) citizen born and bred in the UK, and resident in Taiwan for 30 years.

I arrived in Taiwan in January 1986, as a young, shoestring backpacker travelling around the world, and ended up staying, and eventually taking nationality. Being a traveller has allowed me to make better comparisons and evaluations of the changes that have taken place in Taiwan than... View Alix Lee Profile

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