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True Tales of a Traveller: Goodbye Sinai

by Alix Lee  TW Taiwan, Province of China

September 3, 2019   |    307 reads    |   0 comments

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True Tales of a Traveller: Goodbye Sinai - Book coverTrue Tales of a Traveller is a series of short stories and novellas consisting of several dozen traveller’s tales covering 35 years. Although presented in a short story format for reading convenience, these stories are not fiction. Apart from some of the characters’ names which have been changed to protect their identities, everything in these stories is true.

The first in the True Tales series is called Goodbye Sinai, and is set in 1982, at the time of Israel’s return of the Sinai peninsula to Egypt. This story is about a hitch-hiking trip down the Sinai peninsula, which involved a number of unexpected incidents and developments.

About The Author

I’m a naturalised ROC (Taiwan) citizen born and bred in the UK, and resident in Taiwan for 30 years. I arrived in Taiwan in January 1986, as a young, shoestring backpacker travelling around the world, and ended up staying, and eventually taking nationality. Being a traveller has allowed me to make better comparisons and evaluations of the changes that have taken place in Taiwan than someone with experience of living only in one other country.

I am an ROC (Taiwan) citizen, born and bred in the UK. I began travelling in 1981 and soon found I didn’t want to go home. I used to write a... more

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