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Uneasy Allies

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by Freya Pickard  GB United Kingdom

September 4, 2021   |    850 reads    |   0 comments

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Uneasy Allies by Freya Pickard. The seventh volume in the epic fantasy saga, The Kaerling. Book cover.Five disparate people drawn together in pursuit of one goal.

Their mission was simple – to rescue Lally and Derri from the evil kaerlings.

But catching up with the kaerlings proves to be anything but simple, and the five companions discover that they can't completely trust each other.

This is the seventh volume in the epic saga that is The Kaerling.

"I so enjoyed the latest instalment of The Kaerling. The action was pacy and compelling. The characters had really settled into themselves and were well-rounded. I read it all in one sitting and was totally engrossed!" Jenny Poulter

Author's Note: 

I wanted to explore the tensions between 5 people who can't trust each other but who have to travel together in order to achieve their goal.

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