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Winning Against Stress

Easy Tips to Beat The Silent Killer And Reach Mindfulness
by Andrew Evans  US United States

September 14, 2017   |    756 reads    |   0 comments

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Winning Against Stress - Book coverFed up with anxiety, stress, worry and fears? This new book is exactly what you need! Say goodbye to stress today with easy guidance from Best Selling Author and Success Coach, Andrew Evans!

We are always afraid of the unknown and while stress is a widely used notion, it still pops out of the blue and gets us every time. That is why we decided to dedicate our third book in the Shortcut to Success series to Stress. It’s well known that stress is an everyday occurrence in modern life and the key to successful dealing with it lies in understanding how it works, why it gets to us and what positive and motivational aspects we can gain through it.

About The Author

Andrew Evans is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach with more than a decade’s worth of experience. His next step is making his expertise available to all the people who feel they are ready to face their bright future and become successful, however just need this tiniest final push. He considers his mission to convey to his readers the best ideas on how to improve yourself both personally and professionally. His approach to coaching is less fancy words - more easy to follow steps.

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