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You Are Enough

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September 4, 2022  |  1,870 views

You Are Enough (book) by Donna M. Kshir. Book coverYou Are Enough is a photobook of 9 women who have faced adversity in their lifetime and have overcome it. They defeated issues with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, mental health, infertility, illness, crisis, disabilities, and body image to become independent, stronger, and more confident women.

Society and social networking platforms show us beautiful photographs of what we should look like and what we could look like if we use the right products, followed the right diet, exercise daily, and use the right products. They tell us that we, too, could be supermodels and be worthy of love, acceptance, and value but even by following a vigorous routine we somehow still fall short. Due to issues such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence in ourselves, and poor body image, we are made to feel unworthy and unloved when in fact the image they are selling us is unrealistic without proper lighting, filters, photoshopping, and excess plastic surgery.

In this book, each woman shares their story, along with raw, unedited photographs taken by the photographer and the owner of CJ Photography, Cynthia Harkinson. They have chosen to tell their story and use unedited photographs to show they are beautiful and they are enough, just as they are in true form without society's interpretation of what they should be through photoshopping and filters. Each of these women knows they are enough just as they are and you, too, are enough, just as you are.

The Foreword is written by radio personality, public speaker, child rights activist, and author Laurie Ann Smith.


Readers Reviews

Kim A. Scott | BEAUTIFUL | October 16, 2022
I cannot express how powerful this book is. Some of us struggle our whole lives in silence and these women share their stories and give hope to others like me. Well done ladies!! WELL DONE!!!!

Terry | I highly recommend this book!! | September 22, 2022
This book is incredible. Each woman faced some form of adversity in their life and come out stronger and more confident. The photography is natural. No photoshopping or filters. Beautiful photography. Kudos to Donna Kshir and Lee Cougardawn Roberts!

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