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Donna M. Kshir


Donna M. Kshir is an author, publisher and columnist featured in over 50 publications. She is a writer who seeks truth and justice for children exposed to abuse. She speaks out and writes against these injustices done onto children. Donna's work has landed her on the bestsellers list 15x. Donna is also an activist, founder of Advocates United for Humanity, creator and radio personality at AU4H Radio-Real Talk, The Daily with Donna and a voice for Conner's Law-Kentucky. Currently, Donna and her best friend Lee Roberts are proposing to open the central registry, making it like Megan's Law.

Gladys Caroline is a pen name Donna uses to pay tribute to her late maternal grandmother. A woman who truly impacted her life.

Books by Donna M. Kshir

You Are Enough (book) by Donna M. Kshir. Book cover
You Are Enough is a photobook of 9 women who have faced adversity in their lifetime and have overcome it. They defeated issues with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, mental health, infertility, illness, crisis, disabilities, and body image to become independent, stronger, and more confident women. Society and social networking platforms show us beautiful photographs of what we should look like and what we could look like if we use the right products, followed the right diet, exercise daily, and use the right products.
1776 views > 2 reviews / comments
Non Fiction > Personal Development
The Tale of Jeff Rabbit: Trip to the City by Donna M. Kshir. Book cover
One afternoon in a small village called North Bend, Jeff the Rabbit was born in the corner of a carrot patch in small country garden. Jeff was a little brown country rabbit who accidentally hopped into a hamper one afternoon by mistake and fell fast asleep. Jeff awoke in such a fright, when he felt the hamper being lifted from the rocky road into the carrier's cart. The hamper rocked back and forth; throwing Jeff from side to side of the hamper.
2176 views > 4 reviews / comments
Fiction > Children