I grew up in the ancient Roman city of Bath England, a beautiful peaceful city whose locations are often referred to in my first book ‘Sunshine & Tears’.
Befriended is my second novel and is a contemporary thriller.
Putting pen to paper is the most creative attribute I have achieved.
I have always enjoyed helping others and I’m very committed to my job as a Teaching Assistant for literacy, where I support young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.
My family are the most important people in my life.
I have one son and two step children as well as two young grandchildren who now take up a big part of my life.
Things I enjoy are hula hooping, using it as part of my keep fit regime. I love travelling, visiting Tenerife and Greece on a regular basis. I use this time relaxing and writing. I gain inspiration for writing in my everyday life, jotting down ideas whenever I can.
Reading is an active hobby I have always enjoyed since a young girl. At fifty five years of age this still continues.
I live in Bristol, the South West part of England.

Books by Ruth ONeill

Befriended - Book cover

Gemma Peacock, recently bereaved, prepares to attend the funeral of her late husband, Ritchie, with her only close friend, Maria. Gemma is in her late thirties, slim, attractive and devastated. She leaves the house with Maria; feeling like her entire world has fallen apart. At the church, Gemma sees a woman she does not recognise, hiding behind a column, keeping herself separate from the rest of the mourners. She is mysterious and extremely beautiful. After the service, she tries to spot the woman, but she has vanished.