Born in British Guyana, Amo Sulaiman grew up in Canada, where he studied psychology and philosophy at Guelph University. Continuing his studies in philosophy, he took his Master Degree in Montreal. He has resided in Switzerland and has a doctor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Bern. Mr Sulaiman has published several works in his field of philosophy. Proud City is his first novel.

Books by Amo Sulaiman

Proud City: The Unaware Revolution - Book cover

The book deals with human relationships. A police officer, Charles, is shot by accident in a robbery by a youth, becoming sterile as a result. Since he cannot have children, he leaves the police force to open a pizzeria, a place for young people to meet and discuss outside their parents’ rigid range of control. One of these young people, Chuck, is suffering from the breakup of his parents’ marriage.