Allyson Hodge

Author, Consultant, Psychologist
United States


Allyson Hodge is a bestselling author who writes about health, weight-loss, and self-development techniques based on her personal experience and over 15 years of working with clients as a holistic consultant. 
Despite being a psychologist, Allyson has turned to a holistic approach in her profession. Working with people on improving their lives, she realized that everything in one's life is closely connected: body, spirit, the conscious and subconscious mind, relationships, even the space the person lives in. That's why she focuses on wholeness and goes deeper in finding the actual causes of problems to help solve them. Using this approach, she successfully helps people organize their lives, lose extra weight, and find happiness by changing their habits. 
Once anxious and overweight, Allyson now lives a joyful, balanced life. She is a happily married mother of two. Although she still loves apple pie, she is perfectly fit.

Books by Allyson Hodge

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