A Life Reclaimed

Proven Methods for Reducing Anxiety and Taking Control of Panic Attacks

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A Life Reclaimed - Book coverIn my practice, I work with people who are struggling every day. They all have their battles. Some of them are miserable because of obsessive fears that prevent them from getting out of their homes. Some are convinced they have to become skinny if they want someone to love them. Some believe they are fighting for their lives during terrible attacks, which are just panic episodes. And I get it. I understand them all. Some of them tell me, "You don't get it. You can't understand what I'm going through." But I do. I really do. Because I've been there, done that.
Here I will share my story with you. I've decided to do so because I believe sharing is caring and I'm sure it will help you solve your issues, too. If my experience with beating anxiety and panic helps only one person in the world, this book will have been worth writing.

You’ll discover:
 - Panic attack symptoms
 - Why a panic attack happens
 - How to manage your fears and how to gain control of your thinking and your focus
 - Why you should practice mindful meditation for anxiety and how it can help
 - How to practice mindful meditation
 - Diet for anxiety and panic attacks
 - Work‐outs for anxiety relief and dealing with panic attacks
 - What is a healing sleep for anxiety and panic disorder
 - How to help with panic attacks: efficient self-help techniques, first response
 - And much more!  

Use this book as your guide. Read it as many times as you need and try to apply the advice to your case. You’ll see a huge difference and be encouraged to face panic attacks and control them once and for all.

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Allyson Hodge is a bestselling author who writes about health, weight-loss, and self-development techniques based on her personal experience and over 15 years of working with clients as a holistic consultant. Despite being a psychologist, Allyson has turned to a holistic approach in her profession. Working with people on improving their lives, she realized that everything in one's life is...

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