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Brian OHare


Brian O'Hare, MA, Ph.D., is a retired assistant director of a large regional college of further and higher education. He is married, has three children, ten grandchildren, one great grandchild. He plays golf three times a week off a ten handicap and does a lot of voluntary work. Any writing he has previously done was academic.
He had a liver disease since childhood which resulted in his taking early retirement a number of years ago. In 2002 he had a liver transplant but is strong and healthy now. He continued to do academic writing well into his retirement, e.g., book-length studies for The University of Ulster/YouthAid: The Excluded Adolescent (pub. U.U., 2004) and followed that with a memoir about his liver transplant, (A Spiritual Odyssey, published by Columba Press, Dublin, 2005. Also published on Kindle, December 2013.). A second non-fiction book followed a couple of years later, The Miracle Ship (New Apple Top Medallist winner, 2014 Awards)
He has also written a couple of fiction novels: Fallen Men, and The Doom Murders, a detective story set in Belfast and the opening novel of the Inspector Sheehan Series. The 11.05 Murders, second in the Inspector Sheehan series, is currently with Crimson Cloak Publishing for publication in early 2016. (The Coven Murders, third in the series is in preparation). The Doom Murders is currently published on Amazon Kindle Books, and is also available as a paperback, published by Crimson Cloak Press. As well as the New Apple Award, The Doom Murders has also won the Bronze medal for Mystery Fiction from Readers Favourite and an IDB award in 2014. Fallen Men has also won an Amazon IDB award in 2013 and, recently, was awarded the Top Medallist Honours in the Contemporary Fiction Category of The New Apple 2015 Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

Books by Brian OHare

The 11.05 Murders (book) by Brian O'Hare
The 11.05 Murders is the second in the Inspector Series. Three people are murdered on separate Tuesday evenings at precisely 11.05. Random clues point to random suspects, but too many questions remain unanswered. Why 11.05pm for each killing?
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
A Spiritual Odyssey by Brian O'Hare. Book cover
From childhood I suffered many inexplicable bouts of illness that left me in serious pain, missing school and temporarily bed-ridden. Doctors were baffled. In my forties it was finally discovered that I had a very rare liver disease. I needed several operations to stay alive at a time when liver transplants were never heard of. A brilliant surgeon kept me alive for twenty more years. Eventually I degenerated to the point where the liver began to fail completely and I had only a few months to live. I was saved by a liver transplant although I had to wait ten long months before the new liver became available.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Fallen Men by Brian O'Hare. Book cover
A young priest's life spirals out of control when long-submerged memories of childhood abuse begin to surface. He seeks solace in a friendship with a beautiful seventeen-year-old-choir girl but this leads to a doomed love affair that ends in disaster. Fallen Men touches on some dark themes but it is ultimately a novel of redemption. It has won the Amazon IDB Award in January, 2013.
Fiction > Christian
The Doom Murders by Brian O'Hare. Book cover
Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan is sorely stretched when a number of high profile figures in Belfast are brutally murdered. The bodies are left naked and oddly distorted. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except seemingly pointless theatrical props and some random numbers and letters.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
The Miracle Ship by Brian O'Hare. Book cover
YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE READING BUT EVERY WORD IS TRUE!! Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in demonic possession? Do you believe in exorcism? A little girl with irreparable brain damage was pronounced dead by two hospital specialists. Today she is a healthy teenager. A teenage boy whose spine was crushed by a lorry was diagnosed as permanently paralysed. He now plays football with his friends. A curse that brought death over five generations has been lifted.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality