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Just For This Day Journal!

by TR Johnson Ford  US United States

November 21, 2018   |    31,213 reads    |   0 comments

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Just For This Day Journal! - Book coverIt is my sincere desire to grow hearts, my own and others.  Just For This Day Journal is a tool of growth and a mission of love for our Father in Heaven, ourselves and others.  Just For This Day Journal will add value and bring specialness to people lives.

Just For This Day Journal contain powerful, empowering and renewing synergies activating a daily agenda for Love and Praise of The Father, Love and Growth for self, and Love and Care toward others - Just For This Day!

Author's Note: 

Just For This Day Journal! Promote appreciation that, just for this day have the wherewithal to grow into weeks, months and years keeping God's Words of love and faith, peace and hope, mercy and grace in our lives every day!

About The Author

In the people support business her entire career, TR's entire career life has been about helping others, and TR believes the actions of those positions prepared her for today. She considers herself a people person, strongly motivated to helping others and is passionate about nurturing hearts, her own heart and hearts of those she touches.

TR says, feed your heart good every day and share the feed to Be Blessed With LOVE Always!

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