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by Robert Gaspari  US United States

May 16, 2021   |    293 reads    |   0 comments

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ANOMALOUS INTRUSIONS - Book coverWhen the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) came online in Europe for the first time, the lunatic fringe concocted fantastic conspiracy theories. The internet troll army mobilized and online bullies the world over tried to link every unexplained incident to the LHC. Could this colossal atom smashing behemoth wreak havoc on our planet? Could it create miniature black holes or tiny hot spots?

Increasing incidents of spatial distortions caused the government to create an agency to track and oppose what came through these dimensional portals. This need gave rise to a special breed of agents to intercept and close the gateways from these otherworldly realms. And if an alien monstrosity entered our reality through one, then terminate the interloper with extreme prejudice. These agents protected the US citizens from unfathomable horrors, yet no one knew they even served on their behalf.

Agent Killarney ‘Arnie’ Byrne is a maverick free-agent among these unsung heroes and inside are tales of his service and sacrifices. He opposes the worst of the living nightmares so you never know they exist or face them in real life. This is only part of his story but he does it for you because someone has to.

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