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The Monkey's Paw: urban legend redux

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March 25, 2023  |  262 views

The Monkey's Paw: urban legend redux (book) by Robert GaspariThe urban legend is reborn when Roy finds a monkey’s paw hidden in a secret puzzle box. He touched the artifact and the paw released the scroll it held telling him all about the five wishes this sacred relic granted him. They were blessings with a karmic debt attached and also cursed him. He needed to use up the wishes within one cycle of the full moon and pass the paw on to another or he would die.

What could he do? Roy visited a gypsy psychic and that’s where his roller coaster ride with destiny began. A spirit monkey goaded Roy into action as he considered wishes that will not destroy his life. He uses a wish to catch a serial killer and that complicates his life in unimaginable ways. Roy struggles with the moral dilemma about passing the curse on to another. How does he resolve things as each day draws death nearer to him?  

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I always had books in my head, just never the time to get them out and available to others. As I approached retirement age, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write. The ease of self-publishing makes writing a breeze now. My humor and interests are off beat, so that is reflected in my stories and I gravitate towards science fiction/fantasy with romantic entanglements in the plot...

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