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Chasing the Chong Lotus

by Robert Gaspari  US United States

February 20, 2020   |    1,343 reads    |   0 comments

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Chasing the Chong Lotus - Book coverJon paid for a unique drug experience when he visited the hash dens in Nepal. Why not? He was young, rebellious and from a rich family, so nothing was out of his reach. What he didn't expect to find was the captivating trip delivered by the Chong lotus experience.

Eat the petal of the Chong Lotus and relive a part of a past life. To know you have lived before many times and you will live again is a life altering revelation. Jon could not give that up. The more he did, the more he learned and changed. First with his girlfriend and then with other friends, they all felt the capacity for change and the evolution of the human condition.

Jon sought to maintain a supply growing his own and bring it to the western world but keep it from the government, organized religion and big pharma. This included synthesizing the drug so cultivating the plant is no longer needed. Intentions set the stage but outside forces tend to intervene. Enjoy their past life rewinds and the intrigue that follows Jon as he works to chase the Chong Lotus to an end he just can't visualize.

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