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Robert Gaspari


I always had books in my head, just never the time to get them out and available to others. As I approached retirement age, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write. The ease of self-publishing makes writing a breeze now. My humor and interests are off beat, so that is reflected in my stories and I gravitate towards science fiction/fantasy with romantic entanglements in the plot lines.

I hope you find my work enjoyable, exciting enough to captivate your attention. My wish is for readers to laugh at my attempts at humor, evoke a tear during the sad parts and warm your heart with the romantic portions.

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Books by Robert Gaspari

PACOYMA - First Contact Landing by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
How would the first contact with alien beings take place? This is one such possible tale. A navigational failure leaves the factory ship Pacoyma lost in the depths of the dark matter stream used by their interstellar drive. The saucer is not a warship but an unarmed mining and space materials retrieval vessel. This alien humanoid race exits the dark matter realm and discovers Earth, an inhabited planet with the resources they need.
Fiction > Science Fiction
What She Ran From: The ATM Skim Scam by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
What she ran from was brutality and certain death. Not from the hands of an abusive lover, but from her equally sadistic employers. Tara Lipton discovered a secret hidden in the ATM software code of the units produced by the company she worked for. This US subsidiary of an eastern European company skimmed tiny amounts of cash from customer accounts at random so it would remain undetectable.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Imagining Dragons: Be They Bad or Good by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
Tom dreamed of the spirit of a dragon who encouraged him to help bring the beast back to life on our world. He found the dragon's seed hidden away in his uncle's collection of archeological artifacts after the young man inherited the professor's estate. This began a strange journey for Tom, as the dragon spoke to him each night, bestowed psychic powers upon him, and groomed the man to become a Dragon Master.
Fiction > Fantasy
Merl and Artie: A Modern Day Tale of Excalibur by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
Much of what people today believe about the legend of King Arthur comes from romanticized accounts written in the middle ages. Even more comes from fictionalized movie epics and small screen edited programming. Tales of the great warrior king became lost or confused as oral traditions passed down his exploits over time and written accounts were almost non-existent. Even his title of the once and future king became a misunderstanding about his return to power.
Fiction > Fantasy
When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) came online in Europe for the first time, the lunatic fringe concocted fantastic conspiracy theories. The internet troll army mobilized and online bullies the world over tried to link every unexplained incident to the LHC. Could this colossal atom smashing behemoth wreak havoc on our planet? Could it create miniature black holes or tiny hot spots?
Fiction > Science Fiction
The Rise of Greater Adlanduz: Wind of Change by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
This is my re-imagined story of the lost continent of Atlantis as they extended their realm into the fertile trade lands of the Mediterranean Ocean. The magnificent children of the gods brought culture to their more primitive brothers and sisters well before the rise of the Egyptians, Greek or Romans who their culture served as the basis for. These giants among men towered over the peoples of the inland ocean and brought trade, peace and prosperity to their neighbors.
Fiction > Fantasy
Normalish 2: Forged by Lightning by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
If you survived a lightning strike, how do you think it would change you? What about getting struck twice in the same day? Andy's reality changed and now he could see and interact with the dead and other entities he never knew existed. Andy called himself 'normalish' since what he saw wasn't normal. Andy visited psychics for help because they had a gift and should know how to turn it off and on.
Fiction > Fantasy
NORMALISH: The Prophecy of the Thrice-Born Man by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
Jonah died twice in the same horrible car accident that killed his wife. They doctors brought him back to life both times. Jo discovered afterward he could see and speak with his dead wife. That wasn’t normal, so he called himself NORMALISH instead. Jo and the spirit of his wife head south for a break after he heals. They stop is an unknown town off a random interstate exit. A serial killer stalks its citizens and their only saving grace lies in the prophecy of the gypsy psychic, Madame Ouspenski.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Chasing the Chong Lotus by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
Jon paid for a unique drug experience when he visited the hash dens in Nepal. Why not? He was young, rebellious and from a rich family, so nothing was out of his reach. What he didn't expect to find was the captivating trip delivered by the Chong lotus experience. Eat the petal of the Chong Lotus and relive a part of a past life. To know you have lived before many times and you will live again is a life altering revelation. Jon could not give that up. The more he did, the more he learned and changed.
Fiction > Science Fiction
Reflection by Robert Gaspari. Book cover
Light Science Fiction action/adventure with a touch of romance. A Reflection Agent is an enhanced being trained to fit seamlessly into the indigenous population of the target planet. They carry out their assigned missions without arousing suspicions. This agent was sent to Earth. Not all missions go as planned as open hostilities replace the clandestine cloak and dagger coexistence of the enemy agents on our planet.
Fiction > Science Fiction