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Change Your Habits Now

Effective Way to Transform Yourself and Change Life for Better
by Robert Hensley  US United States

August 27, 2019   |    435 reads    |   0 comments

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Change Your Habits Now - Book coverMost people fail to try to transform habits. They start well but then fail to get sustainable results as far as new habits fail to take root. As a result, these new habits became abandoned and forgotten. So, you aren’t alone in this case. In most cases, the underlying reason for such failures lies not in the wrong approach in changing habits.
Are there effective, proven approaches in breaking habits? Yes, they are.
This book will provide you a set of proven techniques which can help you to transform yourself by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones. This self-help book is designed to help you control your life, boost your productivity, achieve your goals, and make the step to happiness. I’ll teach you everything you need to know on how to eliminate bad habits and improve your health and lifestyle. Buy this book now and turn the page of your old life. Make a step to your new, better future.

About The Author

Robert Hensley is an excellent example of a self-made person. Thanks to hardworking and purposefulness he made an impetuous career in several US corporations. Later he decided to become an entrepreneur and set up several companies. His experience and managerial skills enabled him to succeed in his ventures fast. Established reliable corporate governance system allowed Robert to reduce his involvement in day-to-day operations and achieve financial freedom. Now Robert spends a lot of time traveling with his family and has different hobbies. He wants to share his knowledge and experience with... more

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