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The Rise of Greater Adlanduz

Wind of Change
by Robert Gaspari  US United States

March 15, 2021   |    1,173 reads    |   0 comments

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The Rise of Greater Adlanduz - Book coverThis is my re-imagined story of the lost continent of Atlantis as they extended their realm into the fertile trade lands of the Mediterranean Ocean. The magnificent children of the gods brought culture to their more primitive brothers and sisters well before the rise of the Egyptians, Greek or Romans who their culture served as the basis for.

These giants among men towered over the peoples of the inland ocean and brought trade, peace and prosperity to their neighbors. The Adlanduzans raised the standard of living and quality of life in the region and reigned for a thousand years.

The empire was lost in the annals of time but lived on in legends passed down in various tongues that modified the pronunciation of their name. Even today, many remember tales of the lost continent of Atlantis and Atlantean culture. (Adlanduz and the Adlanduz people).


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