ESTHER Heroine of The Purim Story

The book of Esther tells the story celebrated at Purim of how the young Jewish Queen Esther risked her life to save her people from destruction through a plot laid by wicked Haman, advisor to the Persian King Ahasuerus. God in His Divine Providence turned things around, and the day set for their destruction became a day of celebration. Even though His name is never mentioned, God is present and actively working behind the scenes, arranging every event to bring about His divine purpose for the salvation and preservation of His chosen people, the Jews.

There are ten chapters in the Book of Esther, and it is from these ten chapters the author has written Esther's story as a poem in rhyme. Scriptural poetry must represent the truth it attempts to portray, and it is reflected in a delightful educational poem that people of all ages can understand and remember. To highlight the importance of the book of Esther following the poem are additional topics for curious people who have more questions than answers about Esther's story.

Author's Notes

My desire to compose a poem that would inspire people through Esther's story served as my inspiration for writing this book. Poetry and nonfiction can work well together! Poetry predates written text and was most likely used to help people remember oral history. Poetic techniques can help to make nonfiction more memorable, not to mention the emotional benefits poetry can provide.

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Liza Dupree

1 year 6 months ago


I am in the process of reading this book and so far it is really informative and easy to read and understand the book of Esther.


1 year 6 months ago


Enjoyed this book so much by a very good writer. Love the poetry and the background on the book of Esther. One of my favorite books in the Bible since I was a young girl.

Thought the book should be shared with others so I bought 5 more books and I am giving them as Christmas gifts. Can't wait to hear their feedback and hope they appreciate it as much as I did!!

D. Payne

1 year 6 months ago


Delivered by a Queen was written in an excellent, well-organized manner and easy-to-follow sequence of events. I love the way the story is told. This is a must-read.

Vida Li Sik

1 year 6 months ago


We live in a world where readers have a short attention span. This Christian poem about Queen Esther entertains, educates, and inspires in a way that can reach a new audience. Delivered By a Queen presents a familiar and much-loved story in ten short chapters. First, the author covers the historical background and looks at the key characters. Then it's the poem itself, lessons from this young queen, an explanation of why the feast of Purim is celebrated, and reasons why Christians should read this short book. But this book is not limited to Christians only. Whether you are familiar with the story or reading it for the first time, you'll find plenty to keep you turning the pages until the end. Written in easy-to-read language, this gem of a book answers an important question asked: "If life does not make sense, what is your response? It also offers comfort that "God is always present". He directs the events of your life as he did for a young Jewish orphan who lived many years ago in exile in a hostile country. The poem itself spans around 12 pages and is written in a concise fashion. Not a word is wasted. In fact, both young and old can understand it. There's no need to fear a deep dive into history, Jewish customs, or a deep analysis of the Christian poem. The choice of words brings out the meaning loud and clear. Like the script of a well-known drama, there is the main role player, a villain, and a superb supporting cast in the form of the young Esther, her uncle Mordecai, and King Xerxes. And even though he is not mentioned by name, God is ever-present, and his work behind the scene is evident. The themes of Providence, humility, and obedience come through in every chapter. What I liked about Delivered by a Queen is the refreshing way a well-known story is retold. It's also evident the author has done extensive research. She provides background to the main role players, the customs of the day, and the reasons why the feast of Purim is an important part of Jewish history. Do you need a different look at a well-known historical event in the Bible? Or are you a newbie who prefers a condensed version of Esther's life story? Either way, this book provides all you need for a satisfying reading experience.

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