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Imagining Dragons

Be They Bad or Good
by Robert Gaspari  US United States

October 1, 2021   |    791 reads    |   0 comments

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Imagining Dragons: Be They Bad or Good by Robert Gaspari. Book coverTom dreamed of the spirit of a dragon who encouraged him to help bring the beast back to life on our world. He found the dragon's seed hidden away in his uncle's collection of archeological artifacts after the young man inherited the professor's estate.

This began a strange journey for Tom, as the dragon spoke to him each night, bestowed psychic powers upon him, and groomed the man to become a Dragon Master. Tom relished this opportunity and willingly engaged in every task assigned to him by this mythological creature. That is until certain things went against his moral fiber...

Would you do what the beast in your dreams demanded if it gave you unlimited power? That was Tom's dilemma and it could have one of two possible outcomes.


After the original ending, I step back six chapters and provide a totally different alternate ending. I hope you enjoy them both.

Author's Note: 

Dragons captured the interest of mankind as far back in history as you care to look. Even today, they are in video games, books, movies, TV shows, artwork, graphic novels, tattoos, and more. I wanted to write about the subject and did my own take - then doubled it.

This book has two different endings and I hope you enjoy them both.


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