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In the Dark

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July 17, 2021  |  726 views  |  0 reviews / comments

In the Dark - Book coverGrace had taken on a huge challenge by moving from the city to a ranch with two children. She had her plans in place but things didn’t go as planned. For no rhyme or reason, after having paid her deposit, the power hadn’t been connected. Biding her time, she waited. In the meanwhile they went through unnecessary hardships of every kind. Adjusting her internal clock so that they woke up with the sun, and went to bed the moment it grew dark.

Without power, her life had been placed on hold causing a delay. But she wasn’t going to sit back on her laurels. If she was going to go without power, so would the entire town. It didn’t take much to cause a total blackout for a couple of days. Tit for tat seemed to work at the oddest of times. The entire town bore the brunt.

After spotting Grace and the two tots in the fields, her neighbour Trevor was curious. Curiosity got the better of him and his outlook on life took a dramatic turn.


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