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It Doesn't Matter Which Road You Take

by Vincent Yanez  US United States

September 20, 2017   |    1,218 reads    |   0 comments

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It Doesn't Matter Which Road You Take - Book coverThis is the 20th Anniversary Edition

After college, Vince and his friend Chris decide to meander across Europe in search of the meaning of life, the perfect gelato and a nice place to lay their heads. During their adventures the lads find themselves locked in a Scottish dungeon, being serenaded by Placido Domingo and have their passports taken by the Czech authorities as they are caught in an attempt to sneak into Prague. They discover that Vincent Van Gogh is not only alive, but managing a small hotel in Holland. They accidentally wander into the middle of a Nazi rally. Little by little they discover that remarkable things await around every corner, down every avenue. They learn that when you are open to the possibility of adventure, it doesn't matter which road you take.

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