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by Hemalatha Gnanasekar  IN India

January 2, 2019   |    1,362 reads    |   0 comments

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Life Lessons from India - Book coverOnly a woman can find the true meaning of life.

In this thoughtful and illuminating collection of essays, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar recalls the most consequential experiences of her life as a woman in India.

These 16 thought-provoking essays are drawn directly from her own life, but their universal themes will inspire people of all backgrounds to find the deeper meaning in their lives as well.

A chance meeting with a former teacher helped her understand that wrinkles and weight gain are a natural part of life.  A Hindu religious ceremony’s compelling feats of faith led her towards a greater relationship with God.  And an encounter with vagabond gypsies helped her understand the true power of health over materialism.  

These and other life-changing stories are beautifully presented in this collection of life lessons. Told through the unique perspective of a woman in a society that still struggles with its treatment of them, these essays are full of hope, optimism and humor.  And while they may be read in a short amount of time…  their lessons will last forever. 


About The Author

Hemalatha Gnanasekar is working as a Secretary in M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. She has done her MA in English Literature. She is living with her husband and two children in the heart of Chennai City. She has a great passion for writing and juggling between her work and home life, she manages to write a few pages every day. Her published books include : Women Home Excelled Men, Enlivening Stories of Married Men and Women, Awe Inspiring Stories, The Guilt Is Alive, No Turning Back and The Priceless Gift. For more information on her books, you may visit her website.

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