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Hemalatha Gnanasekar


Hemalatha Gnanasekar is an Indian-born writer raised in an impoverished family. Writing has been Hemalatha's passion ever since she was young, but the struggle to overcome poverty prevented her from dedicating herself to her passion – until now.

Through her work and her books, Hemalatha gives an unconventional perspective on women's life and struggle in today's world.

Some of her books detail her personal experiences and struggles that Hemalatha lived through, while others vividly capture the tribulations that many women go through every day.

Her exceptional emotional narration that touches the heart of every reader aims to inspire people to overcome the trials, get rid of their burdens, and better their lives.

Books by Hemalatha Gnanasekar

The Guilt is Alive by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Poor Man Always Dreams a Better Tomorrow...but Is the Life Worth the Cost? The oldest daughter who failed to weigh the cost of pleasing her much-loved father… The oldest son burdened with his father's expectations… The story of ego, pride, anger, revenge, guilt… With the powerful and raw memoir, The Guilt is Alive, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar gives an unconventional and unique examination of her life in an impoverished Indian family and explores her family's fateful decision to send the oldest son to Jamaica to work.
Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies
Joys and Woes of Marriage in India by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
In India, marriage is more than a contract. It is the joining of earthly and divine goods. Marriage forges a new path for the next generation as well as riches, social standing, gratification, and refuge. It is also a wonderful melding of ideas, emotions, as well as hurdles and their corresponding resolutions. Put simply, Indian marriages are not just a two-person affair. It is the coming together of family and community with love at the forefront.
Fiction > Short Stories
Surprises From India by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Experience is the best teacher. But if we can learn from others’ mistakes, all the better. The world is made more interesting because of the people who live in it. Coming across different beliefs, personalities, goals, and agendas all make for a richer, more profound life. Our differences will test us, break us apart, and even bring us closer together. Best of all, our differences can teach us that we can co-exist and that there is always room for improvement.
Fiction > Short Stories
No Turning Back by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Love Never Disappears Traceless. In the Book about Family Struggles, It Finds Its Way to Be the Guide on the Way to the Light. The kind, loving husband Swaminathan is a victim of his wife’s domineering abuse. When their daughter is born, Swaminathan extends his patience to fatherhood and becomes an exemplary parent. The wife, Shanthi, however, abuses the daughter and hurts her every time she is upset with Swaminathan. So Swaminathan leaves his family, the daughter, and the wife.
Fiction > Women's Fiction
The Heart of Gold by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Succumbed to the past’s Flame, the Only Way Nithya Can Be Saved from Her Ex Is by Her Husband. Mukesh is captivated by Nithya's dazzling beauty and manners when his mother introduces him to his bride-to-be. The seemingly successful arranged marriage turned out to be happy only on the husband’s part. One day, Nithya informs Mukesh about how she was blackmailed into embracing the role of his wife and how she despises Mukesh and her parents.
Fiction > Romance
Life Lessons from India: A Woman's Memoir by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Short Memoir From the Unique Perspective of a Woman in India Whose Lifelong Lessons Will Make an Impact and Stay With You Forever. BITTERSWEET – the one-word definition of life. You need to survive the bitterness to experience the sweetness of life. While the affairs of this life aren’t designed to be a fairytale, this life has its own roller coaster ride to move your world upside down and then get you through it feeling firmer and fiercer!
Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies
The Priceless Gift by Hemalatha Gnanasekar. Book cover
Life is never a straight line…When a heart is closed off due to betrayal and pain, sometimes the only cure is to open it and take a chance… Independent and full of life, Priya was a typical modern-day woman in India until she became a victim of sexual abuse in her workplace. Humiliated, with her heart filled with fear and with her soul shattered into thousand pieces, she was hiding from the world, hoping that the pain would go away - to make things worse, the encounter left her pregnant.
Fiction > General