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Mother Maria's Wonderful Bedtime Stories

by Linn Dowless  US United States

May 7, 2014   |    1,317 reads    |   0 comments

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Mother Maria's Wonderful Bedtime Stories (book cover)This work is a collection of children's stories to both be read at home or in a classroom setting. Each story is followed by a series of exercises particular to the story just read. These exercises develop general reading skills, spelling, writing and comprehension proficiency, as well as some simple mathematical equations. and have been first created by the author at home to use with his own children and later on in a classroom setting with both very young pre-school children, as well as with high school students in a special education setting.
The motivation for this book being compiled was the author being thrown into a special education classroom completely void of any instructional resources what-so-ever, and rudely commanded to teach all subject disciplines in-spite of the situation, or suffer job termination in lieu of an incompetence claim. This action occurred only two days before the students were supposed to enter the room. The authors natural creative response was to produce his own resources born from the realm of his own mind, and he remained two days ahead of the students, with the weekends allowing him to gain an additional two days more advance on the students. When the school year had completed, he not only had proved himself effective as an instructor but also was in possession of his own teaching material and resources for the following year.

About The Author

The author is a international ESL Instructor, world traveler and adventurer who lives for new experiences and meeting interesting new people. He enjoys a large number of outdoor activities, including baseball and going to the races, but he also loves hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working on a variety of motors, trapping, carpentry and many more just to name a few. He has published a number of other works, many of which are included here on this site, and has obtained a relative amount of success. One may directly access his latest work by logging into wattpad, and several other sites... more

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