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Ned by Linie Sherrod and Daniel Kelley. Book coverIt is difficult to talk about "Ned" without giving away his truth. But, what I will say is that the character of Ned is elusive. He is mysterious, avoiding the discussion of much of his past. Ned is a caring person who would do anything for you. Just don't ask him a lot of personal questions.

We have all known people like that. People with secrets that would rather keep things to themselves. People with histories that they would rather forget, or hold close to their own hearts. People like Ned. Join Ned in his journey with a couple of people he cares about, and who care about him.

This book is written by Daniel Kelley and Linie Sherrod.


Author's Notes

In 2013 I bought a kindle and began looking around on the web for books to read. I found and requested a book that I would read and in exchange provide a Customer review. Well about 25 books later I was really busy. One of the Authors I read was "Daniel Kelley". I read several of his books through and then bought some on amazon. Towards the end of that year, I contacted Mr. Kelley by email and presented him with a concept for a book. He has always worked alone, but he was very nice to email me back and comment on my concept. In October 2014, Mr. Kelley emailed me and was interested in collaborating on the idea I had sent him. We worked together and came up with the book :Ned". It is a short read. I hope many people will like it.

About Linie Sherrod

MX Mexico

I wrote a little book "SQUIGMONT ROSS MCNEIL AND THE PURPLE CAT." After publishing it on Amazon, I was hooked. The next book I wrote was a kindle picture book about one of my cats "WINKIE". Then "Winkie" became a Hard Copy book. Retired and living in Baja California, Mexico, we say here that we have “no bad days”. We also find a lot to write about.

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