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Winkie the Cat with a Heart

by Linie Sherrod  MX Mexico

January 4, 2015   |    2,000 reads    |   0 comments

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Winkie the Cat with a Heart - Book Cover Did Not Load!We have had many dogs and cats over the last 27 years. We've had all of them spayed or neutered. In 2010 I rescued a beautiful Calico cat from our neighborhood here in Mexico. She was so skinny and malnourished. My first priority was to get her fed with proper nutrition. Only a few weeks went by and it seemed Miss Callie was really gaining weight. Friends came by and we all wondered, was she pregnant? I had never gone through this with any of our pets or strays. It didn’t take long to know that yes, Miss Callie was with kitties. One night we went to dinner, when we got home, she had birthed all three by herself. A beautiful dark calico, an orange tabby and a "Van" which is a white cat with spots. As "Winkie" has gotten older, two of her spots have changed to Hearts. She is just a great kitty and this is her story as told by Winkie herself.

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