Squigmont Ross McNeil and the Purple Cat

Squigmont Ross McNeil and the Purple Cat by Linie Sherrod - Book cover.

1 January, 2015

"Squigmont Ross McNeil and the Purple Cat" is a book about being different and the effect it has on our lives and others. I

n today's world, being different isn't always easy. Squigmont's Mother is a squirrel, his Dad is a Bear. Therefore, Squigmont is very different than everyone he knows. Growing up, Squigmont has trouble making friends, but only because he is so unique. Since he is alone, and lonely, he learns to get along by himself. But still he is bullied and called names. Having accepted that is how things are going to be, he learns how to do things alone. One day, he meets someone that shows him that it's O.K. Everyone is different. Squigmont's life changes, because of the wise friend he meets and his wise parents.

A heart warming tale reminding us that we should all celebrate our differences.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

ISBN: 9781503157743


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