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Linie Sherrod


I wrote a little book "SQUIGMONT ROSS MCNEIL AND THE PURPLE CAT." After publishing it on Amazon, I was hooked. The next book I wrote was a kindle picture book about one of my cats "WINKIE". Then "Winkie" became a Hard Copy book. Retired and living in Baja California, Mexico, we say here that we have “no bad days”. We also find a lot to write about.

Books by Linie Sherrod

This Life of Ours (book) by Linie Sherrod
What do scientists do? They start with a theory. Their goal is to prove that theory. This imaginative theory could be true! Everything that has ever been discovered or created by Man (or Woman) came from an idea, came from “imagination”.
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Fiction > Fantasy
San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
My husband and I live in Baja California, Mexico. Specifically, San Felipe. We are 150 miles South of El Centro, on the East Coast of Baja, right on the Sea of Cortez. In the 1970's I drove from Los Angeles to the West Coast of Baja to Rosarito Beach and Ensenada many times. But I never even knew about the East Coast of Baja. My husbands' family settled here first in the mid-90's. I've been here since 2002 and I Love living here.
Non Fiction > Travel
MEL by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
Growing older has some wonderful benefits. But as we age, our Health becomes the most important thing to us. "Mel" is a Non-Fiction short story, chronicling a real person living in a Nursing Home. It will give you a glimpse into his Anger, Grief, Depression and Fear of losing control over his own life. It is a dark piece, with only a sprinkle of humor. Sometimes we don't think about those that are caring for us, even in our darkest days.
Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies
The Tale of Sir Hobson by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
First of all, you may have heard or seen "The Grumpy Cat" on the internet and commercials on Television. Sir Hobson is the same breed of cat. Cats like “Sir Hobson” sell for over $1,000 USD. Luckily, my best friend is an International Cat Breeder and she gave us "Sir Hobson". He is an interesting character. But he is not grumpy. He has been with us since 2002. This book tells his life story with colorful photos. He is a very private feline with ideas of his own.
Fiction > Children
Peanut Butter Cup - A Shelter Dog Story by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
This is a TRUE story of a dog rescued from a Shelter in the United States and brought into Mexico to live with a pet loving family. Sadly "Peanut" had already been in two other homes before ours. Her second owner had to go into a Nursing home, so she was back at the shelter in Arizona. I had just lost a Loving dog in 2007 and wasn't anxious to replace her, but our little black dog had been so lonely since SanDee had passed. I searched the internet and found "Peanut".
Fiction > Children
Ned by Linie Sherrod and Daniel Kelley. Book cover
It is difficult to talk about "Ned" without giving away his truth. But, what I will say is that the character of Ned is elusive. He is mysterious, avoiding the discussion of much of his past. Ned is a caring person who would do anything for you. Just don't ask him a lot of personal questions. We have all known people like that. People with secrets that would rather keep things to themselves. People with histories that they would rather forget, or hold close to their own hearts.
Fiction > Fantasy
Winkie the Cat with a Heart by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
We have had many dogs and cats over the last 27 years. We've had all of them spayed or neutered. In 2010 I rescued a beautiful Calico cat from our neighborhood here in Mexico. She was so skinny and malnourished. My first priority was to get her fed with proper nutrition. Only a few weeks went by and it seemed Miss Callie was really gaining weight. Friends came by and we all wondered, was she pregnant? I had never gone through this with any of our pets or strays.
Fiction > Children
Squigmont Ross McNeil and the Purple Cat by Linie Sherrod. Book cover
"Squigmont Ross McNeil and the Purple Cat" is a book about being different and the effect it has on our lives and others. In today's world, being different isn't always easy. Squigmont's Mother is a squirrel, his Dad is a Bear. Therefore, Squigmont is very different than everyone he knows. Growing up, Squigmont has trouble making friends, but only because he is so unique. Since he is alone, and lonely, he learns to get along by himself. But still he is bullied and called names.
Fiction > Children