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Peanut Butter Cup

A Shelter Dog Story
by Linie Sherrod  MX Mexico

January 16, 2015   |    2,189 reads    |   0 comments

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Peanut Butter Cup - Book cover did not load!Available in KINDLE format and PAPERBACK, this is a TRUE story of a dog rescued from a Shelter in the United States and brought into Mexico to live with a pet loving family. Sadly "Peanut" had already been in two other homes before ours. Her second owner had to go into a Nursing home, so she was back at the shelter in Arizona. I had just lost a Loving dog in 2007 and wasn't anxious to replace her, but our little black dog had been so lonely since SanDee had passed. I searched the internet and found "Peanut". We drove from Mexico, where we live, to Arizona and met her at the PetSmart, where we adopted her. This book describes some of the adjustments we all went through, before we all lived, "happily ever after". We never gave up on her and that is what we wanted to share in this book.

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