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Night of a Thousand Thoughts

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March 14, 2023  |  223 views

Night of a Thousand Thoughts (book) by Michael Bassey JohnsonNight of a Thousand Thoughts is a conglomeration of ideas, insights, and opinions on various subjects from different writers.

In this book, independent authors, Michael Bassey Johnson, Bernadette Watkins, and John Joclebs Bassey embark on a journey within their hearts, to search for indelible truths, ranging from zen wisdom, life lessons, witty ramblings, to a friendly rendition of poems and thought-provoking philosophies.

About Michael Bassey Johnson

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NG Nigeria

Michael Bassey Johnson (born April 20th 1994) is a progressive author, poet, dramatist, philosopher, nature enthusiast, and pioneer of the Kurious Observer movement. As a versatile and unconventional writer and thinker, Michael's writings are centered around nature, human psychology, motivation, success, art, dreams, and the collective human experience.

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