The Infinity Sign

The Infinity Sign by Michael Bassey Johnson - Book cover.
Michael Bassey Johnson

16 August, 2015

The infinity or the horizontally-flipped figure eight sign is a famous symbol that represents immortality, unboundedness and infinite potential.
In ancient India and Tibet, it depicts perfection, and the unity and dualism between male and female just like Yin and Yang. It is also associated with the Ouroboros of ancient Egypt which symbolizes the cyclic and infinite nature of the universe.

Buoyed up by this renowned and dynamic symbol, The Infinity Sign concerns itself with the lofty themes of love, romance, friendship and much more. It highlights the inner harmony, beauty, prosperity, and the limitless possibilities that love brings.

When we are in true love, we become intimately connected, and our hearts beat in sync, and then we know in our heart of hearts that no matter how far, no matter how long, we will always be there for the ones we love.
The Infinity Sign reminds us of soulmate love and bonds. We have known this person all our lives, and for this reason our souls have become entwined in some sort of karmic cord. Infinity is eternal. Infinity cannot be gauged. If anyone could, it would cease to be infinite. In a finite world, where everything has a predestined end, the concept of something enduring ad infinitum is almost magical.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Love & Relationships

ISBN: 9798642084151


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