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The Oneironaut’s Diary

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The Oneironaut’s Diary by Michael Bassey Johnson. Book coverThe Oneironaut’s Diary is a treatise on the dream traveler’s experience. It delves into parapsychological phenomena, such as out of body experience, lucid dreams, premonitory dreams and clairvoyance. It features notable dream travelers in history, such as Nostradamus, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King Jr., Alan Poe, The Wright Brothers, Harriet Tubman, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, etc., who were able to tap into and discover incredibly fascinating ideas, spiritual truths, and sacred knowledge from dreams. Also included are concepts such as Prayer, Affirmation, Visualization, Inspiration, Divine revelation, Synchronicity, Creativity, etc.

The Oneironaut’s Diary emboldens all and sundry, and most particularly the creator of diverse arts, and spurs every dreamer to cut off the fear and anxiety, and turn their everyday passion, hopes, and dreams into reality.

About Michael Bassey Johnson

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Michael Bassey Johnson (born April 20th 1994) is a progressive author, poet, dramatist, philosopher, nature enthusiast, and pioneer of the Kurious Observer movement. As a versatile and unconventional writer and thinker, Michael's writings are centered around nature, human psychology, motivation, success, art, dreams, and the collective human experience.

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