Michael Bassey Johnson


Michael Bassey Johnson is an inspirational writer, poet, dramatist, philosopher, social-critic, thought leader, entrepreneur, and a nature enthusiast.

He is best known as the author of Scars Of Beauty (2013), The Infinity Sign (2015), Song of a Nature Lover (2021), and Before You Doubt Yourself: Pep Talks and other Crucial Discussions (2021).

Books by Michael Bassey Johnson

The Oneironaut’s Diary by Michael Bassey Johnson. Book cover
The Oneironaut’s Diary is a treatise on the dream traveler’s experience. It delves into parapsychological phenomena, such as out of body experience, lucid dreams, premonitory dreams and clairvoyance. It features notable dream travelers in history, such as Nostradamus, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King Jr., Alan Poe, The Wright Brothers, Harriet Tubman, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, etc., who were able to tap into and discover incredibly fascinating ideas, spiritual truths, and sacred knowledge from dreams.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Before You Doubt Yourself - Book cover
Why do people doubt their abilities? Is self-confidence pride? Why do most people think they are not good enough? Why do a majority of students hate school? Why is earning a degree such a big deal? Do students know why they are in school? Why are some schoolteachers hard to deal with?
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Song of a Nature Lover - Book cover
Song of a Nature Lover is an exquisite collection of inspired thoughts (short poems and esoteric musings) that presents the mysteriousness and intricacies of Mother Nature, and how we the Earthmen decode it. It captures the soul, the imagination and the senses, while at the same time reflect on the words and wisdom of the poet about the wealth and splendor of the flora and fauna.
Fiction > Poetry
Scars Of Beauty - Book cover
In this short, witty, satirical, and humorous play, Michael takes his time to write about a great deal of things other writers would probably shy away from; from a randy African prophet with a voracious sexual appetite, to hookers in the red light district chattering on about labia elongation and their experiences in the sex industry.
Fiction > Humor
The Infinity Sign - Book cover
The infinity or the horizontally-flipped figure eight sign is a famous symbol that represents immortality, unboundedness and infinite potential. In ancient India and Tibet, it depicts perfection, and the unity and dualism between male and female just like Yin and Yang. It is also associated with the Ouroboros of ancient Egypt which symbolizes the cyclic and infinite nature of the universe.
Non Fiction > Love & Relationships