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Michael Bassey Johnson


Michael Bassey Johnson is an inspirational writer, poet, dramatist, philosopher, entrepreneur and a nature enthusiast.
He is incredibly talented, and writes in different genres.

In 2013, he published a title, Scars Of Beauty, a four-act play on the sexual exploitation of women by pseudo-prophets in Africa.

He has several books to his credit, including a book of Maxims, and a recently released title, Song of a Nature Lover, a collection of his original poems and observations in nature.

Books by Michael Bassey Johnson

Song of a Nature Lover - Book cover

Song of a Nature Lover is a collection of the author’s original poems and sayings. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is titled, “Philosophical Reflections - From the Hilarious to the Dignified.” And the second part is titled, “Lines Forged in Nature - From the Prosaic and Superficial, to the Lyrical and Profound.”

Fiction > Poetry
Scars Of Beauty - Book cover

Scars Of beauty is a satiric comedy that explores the deception, moral decadence, and hypocrisy that pervade Christian circles in Africa. The play follows a prophet, named Absalom, a self-styled prophet and a pseudo-evangelist, who claims to be chosen by God to deliver his devotees, mostly women, from childlessness, prostitution, spiritual husbands, evil spirits, and witchcraft, through a series of absurd spiritual cleansing/exorcism methods.

Fiction > Humor
The Infinity Sign - Book cover

Love rules the world. It is our nature and we cannot escape from it. We are the giver and the recipient of love, and that is what keeps us alive, or at least, sane. The Infinity symbol goes on and on; round and round, without an end. It beckons on us all to let our love encircle the universe. It admonishes us to respect and care for one another in the most profound way, even unceasingly and genuinely.

Non Fiction > Love & Relationships