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Looking for a great poetry book to read? Looking for poems for the heart and soul? This directory of poetry books written by talented poets will satisfy all tastes and readers. Whether you are searching for poetry and prose collection about life, the world, friends, relationships, romance and love, you will find it all in here at humanmade.net


by Heather D. Wright / US United States

Spiritual Whispers to the Soul is my first collection of poetry published by my newly created self-publishing company, Colorful Spirit Publishing. This book has been in the works for quite some time now, and it reflects the very essence of my heart and soul. Just like so many people, I have endured some of the hardest times in my life and could not understand why God would allow me to struggle so much.


Spiritual Whispers to the Soul (Book Image Did Not Load)
by Shannon Sonneveldt / US United States

For anyone who has ever had a puppy, is currently owned by a puppy or dog, or is considering sharing your home with a puppy; this book is a must read! Inside is a humorous and sweet look at what puppies both do and add to your home.This volume of poetry includes 20 poems.


Puppy Poetry (Book Image Did Not Load!)
by Shannon Sonneveldt / US United States

This is volume two in the Experience Life in Poetry series, a series that reflects observations and emotions at any given moment in life from childhood to present time. Think of moments that stood out in time for you. Moments that made you laugh, made you cry, made you think or made you sigh.


Experience Life in Poetry (book image did not load)
by Atlas Brown / FR France

'SOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry' a book of poetry written for the sake of writing, dedicated to society that rejects the art form as a worthy cause and occupation. Writer and poet, atlas brown opens up the book stating, “SOUL ALIVE! Prose & Poetry was written out of frustration in my studio.


SOUL ALIVE! Poetry & Prose (book image did not load)
by Shannon Sonneveldt / US United States

This is volume one in the Experience Life in Poetry series, a series that provides an inspirational and humorous look at life. Moments in life that make you laugh, cry, think, sigh or even make you angry. These are all moments and emotions you will experience in this series.


Experience Life in Poetry (book image did not load)
by Brendan Clark / US United States

This book is full with a lot of poems made by Brendan Clark a young poet from Chicago, IL. with this book this young poet hope to open up people's mind.


Words from an Unknown Poet (book cover)
by Amy Michelle Mosier / US United States

Trying to shake up the poetry world by going back to old-fashioned poetry, stuff that actually rhymes but with a modern voice, of course. Triolets and ghazals. Some fantasy poetry, which is new for me. Experimented with pantoums as well.


Water is Many (poetry book) by Amy Michelle Mosier
by Joseph C Walls / US United States

This is a inspirational love poetry book that was published in January of 2009. Whatever walk of life that you have come from this book will give you a inspirational touch. If your feeling at your lowest point this book can and will help you out.


Love Knows No Boundaries (poetry) by Joseph C Walls
by Joseph C Walls / US United States

This book is a devotional Christian poetry. It will inspire people and give their life a extra touch. If you want a good read then this is the book for you.


Renew Your Strength (book) by Joseph C Walls
by Rosalind R. Giles / US United States

Continuing the journey, from her first collection "I once belonged to the world", wonder into to world beyond. Here is a compilation of intense poems, from which Giles has again invited us into her raw verses of life. This is an ideal book for young adults and older. Each of the 21 poems are touching in a different way; some offering intellectual stimulation, while others call emotions to action.


Strength and Loyalty (poetry book) by Rosalind R. Giles


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The Sundial Salesman

The Sundial Salesman - Book cover
by Chassis Albuquerque