Scars Of Beauty

Scars Of Beauty by Michael Bassey Johnson - Book cover.
Michael Bassey Johnson

22 February, 2021

Scars Of beauty is a satiric comedy that explores the deception, moral decadence, and hypocrisy that pervade Christian circles in Africa.

The play follows a prophet, named Absalom, a self-styled prophet and a pseudo-evangelist, who claims to be chosen by God to deliver his devotees, mostly women, from childlessness, prostitution, spiritual husbands, evil spirits, and witchcraft, through a series of absurd spiritual cleansing/exorcism methods.

Adroitly written, uncensored, and sprinkled with a generous dose of humor, the writer reveals in entirety, the lewd behavior of false prophets in Nigeria and Africa.

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Genre: Fiction > Humor

ISBN: 979-8702051376


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