Scars Of Beauty

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by Michael Bassey ... NG Nigeria
December 14, 2014

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Scars Of Beauty - Book CoverNene is a beautiful, dark and slim nubile teenager. Her attributes is the cause of the fuss and pandemonium between men in her vicinity. She has never gone to school in all of her life, but very good at dance and drama. Her misfortune is the untimely death of her parents, and being fooled and sexed around by irresponsible men. She never rejects any thing that takes the form of a male creature. Her life is a room for the entry and exit of men from different walks of life, each, inflicting her with a daily dose of sorrow. At a tender age, she couldn't stand the fierce pang of hunger and hardship, and all what she could do to survive was to sell her body and tarnish her image in the name of income and survival, and takes it for what she called, "the high life". Nene continued in her reckless acts of debaunchery and exposure to harmful diseases for many years and never cared to advise her paramours to put on "the cap of protection" during her money-making sessions, accusing anyone that uses it of what she called, "dissatisfaction". This happens to be the root of all her future woes, for nemesis is always lurking at the corner for the desired time. There came an handsome bloke, whose feature was like that of the biblical Absalom, almost rated as an angel, for his mannerism and benevolent qualities. This good- looking Absalom captivated Nene's heart, and Nene, like a mermaid, also casted a spell of love on him. The both of them intertwined for almost two years, without anything like bodily contact, despite Nene's pressure on Absalom, but this never works with such a wise man like Absalom. One breezy morning, Absalom proposes to marry her, if only she does what he now thinks as, "confirmation of a valid flesh". It is a test, which would determine her taste, whenever Absalom desires to eat his cake. Its not a school test, but an H.I.V test. She agrees and hurries to the hospital, flagging down a taxi. She enters and they drove off. The doctor who conducted the test looked at her face, and saw traces of fright and flashy sweats on her face. He handed her the test result. In her wildest dreams, she never believed her sight, as her eyes ran to and fro. A deep handwritting illustrating, "H.I.V POSITIVE". She couldn't say a word, as she kept mute and walked out of the hospital. Where will she go to? On her return to the house of wayward souls, about a month ago, she met Richard, and divulged to him the story of her life.

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Scars Of Beauty - Book Cover
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