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A Temporary Assignment

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by Bridgitte Lesley  ZA South Africa

July 17, 2021   |    1,349 reads    |   0 comments

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A Temporary Assignment - Book coverAfter working with his temp for a week, Phillip realized his secretary was not up to scratch. Rae was super efficient and organized. Her prim and proper dress code didn’t appeal to him, but something about her drew him in.

Having set his sights on a young woman in the pub, he felt rather confused. He had never been a womanizer but felt caught in the middle by someone he knew, and a complete stranger.

Once he got to know the real Raeleen Crompton he realized things would change. Not only in the office, but after hours as well.

Author's Note: 

When you meet your match temporary has the knack of becoming permanent!


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