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The Butterfly Tree & other stories

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by Freya Pickard  GB United Kingdom

May 10, 2020   |    2,115 reads    |   0 comments

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The Butterfly Tree & other stories - Book coverThis book contains 5 tales from the strange and dangerous world of Nirunen.

Whether or not you've discovered The Kaerling series, this book is the perfect companion to read either before, during or after your explorations of The Kaerling.

Discover how mermaids are born in The Ninth Wave. Experience the frustration of a disabled young man in Eran. Enjoy the double-edged blade of knowledge when Venisha discovers her trust destiny in The Butterfly Tree. Open your eyes to the enchanted land of Zorat in Wordless Song. And walk the dark paths along side the child-refugees in Silver Thread.

If you enjoy reading about unicorns, mermaids, monsters and butterflies and like a bit of magic thrown into the mix, this is for you!

Author's Note: 

These 5 tales come from three different Ages in the world of Nirunen. I wanted to show the great hero, Eran Silver Hand, as he was before he became a hero. I wanted to give my readers an insight into Lored and the land of Zorat in Wordless Song. And I wanted, above all, to give three oppressed women the ability to become truly feminine and free, without using their sexuality to get ahead of the game.

About The Author

I am currently working undercover in the hospitality industry in order to study Humans so that I can complete my series of The Kaerling. With each day that passes, I am more and more convinced that I’m an alien trapped in a Human body and have no idea where my home world is! I have no plans to write about the hospitality industry itself; my current “lifestyle” is merely a way of researching characters for my books.

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