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This Is Me

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by Freya Pickard  GB United Kingdom

May 20, 2018   |    834 reads    |   0 comments

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This Is Me - Book coverFreya has always expressed herself through poetry, whether it's haiku or elfje or longer forms such as villanelle. She has invented her own form of poetry called "Freyan Verse" which, she says, is akin to creating a painting ... She loves poetry because it is so versatile and allows her to be real and express herself truly.

This Is Me is Freya's first anthology, containing 3 volumes of poetry; Insides, My Mythology & This Is Me.

Insides is Freya's journey through cancer, chemotherapy and recovery. How do you cope with open surgery and life-changing scars? How do you get through chemo and then discover "normality" once more?

My Mythology explores Freya's imagination, paying tribute to everyone and everything that has ever inspired her. From the Bible to Norse mythology, from vampires and werewolves to mermaids and unicorns, from Dr Who and Space Odyssey to Odin and Zombie Mushrooms... Discover just how fertile her mind is!

This Is Me is an honest look at her life, loves, work, dance and writing. Freya is brutally honest and playfully elusive, depending on her mood ...

Author's Note: 

I wrote these poems to help me through cancer and to enable me to start recovering from the trauma I had been through. Whilst enduring chemo I discovered so many of my previously written poems helped and inspired me especially when I was really desperately tired and ill. Slowly, the collections grew into 3 volumes of poetry ...

About The Author

I am currently working undercover in the hospitality industry in order to study Humans so that I can complete my series of The Kaerling. With each day that passes, I am more and more convinced that I’m an alien trapped in a Human body and have no idea where my home world is! I have no plans to write about the hospitality industry itself; my current “lifestyle” is merely a way of researching characters for my books.

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