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To See the Sights

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by Bridgitte Lesley  ZA South Africa

July 17, 2021   |    334 reads    |   0 comments

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To See the Sights - Book coverAppointing an au pair to take care of two young girls sounds like an easy task. But not for Phillip. After interviewing many unsuitable candidates, he had still not appointed anyone. Only one woman sounded right for the position. And he had let her slip through his fingers. Out of desperation, he dialled her number after rejecting her initial enquiry. Thinking it would be easy to set up an appointment with her, he realized she was not a pushover. All he wanted was a reliable au pair.

Tina had different ideas. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a tourist in her hometown and have an action-packed holiday. Accepting the position, she did things her way.

When matters of the heart came in to the equation things changed!

Author's Note: 

When matters of the heart came in to the equation things changed!


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