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OCTOBER 2022  .  Issue No. 17



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The Merrie England Conspiracy

by Mark Woodward

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Who’s a lad to trust, when even his best friend has his own agenda?

Colin is terrified of having his hair cut, especially at Butcher Barnet’s. He’d much rather go with his best mate, Dezzie, to the Merrie England Amusement Park. Luckily for Colin, Dezzie comes up with a foolproof plan…

Set in England in the late 1960s, The Merrie England Conspiracy is a 12,000 word comedy about friendship, trust, loss of innocence and local politics.

The story is free to any reader who subscribes to my monthly Writing Idol newsletter, which includes news about me and my work in progress, another couple of free stories and other less conventional features. You can read some of the story before you decide, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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The Merrie England Conspiracy

The Deadlands

by Minerva Hart

New Release: August 30, 2022

Thirty years ago, a deadly plague brought humanity to its knees by introducing us to our new predators: Splicers, beings who were once no different from us but now live only to eat and to infect as many people as possible. Half-human, half-animal, and all deadly. Nearly impervious to damage, freakishly strong, and blessed with advanced senses, they are almost as dangerous as those who have adapted to this new, savage world.

Karl Gearhart, who has never left his home state of Utah, is about to learn how savage this world can really be. After a chance encounter leaves him with no home and indebted to Nessa Shirokuma, a skilled archer, the two of them strike a deal: He will accompany her to New York, where a cult has kidnapped her sister.

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The Deadlands

Entrepreneur Makeover

by Andreas Ioannou

The Entrepreneur Makeover: Turn Your Business Into a Digital Hotspot and Skyrocket Your Business!: Conquer Social Media Branding With These Fool-Proof Growth Hacks.

Boost Your Social Media Presence With These Tips and Tricks and Skyrocket Your Business! - This Is for Any Entrepreneur Struggling to Attract Customers and Rework Your Online Presence.

You're an entrepreneur, and you know that in order to be successful, you need a great digital presence. You've been working hard on your business, but you feel like you're stuck and not sure what to do next.

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Entrepreneur Makeover

Right To Kill

by John Barlow

New Release: September 6, 2022

They’re guilty, but do they deserve to die?

On a Thursday night in February, Detective Sergeant Joe Romano is following up on the disappearance of drug dealer Craig Shaw. It’s the start of a case that could make or break his career. Because Shaw is about to go from missing to murdered. While some don’t think Shaw’s killer should be brought to justice, Romano believes every life counts. But he’s running out of time. The killer is ready to strike again. And Romano will be forced to question whether anyone has the right to kill.

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Right to Kill



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Red Cat and Grey Horse

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July 2022

The Devil Within

by Annette Austin

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Ghosts From The Ruins

by Joshua Martin

Fiction > Horror & Paranormal News

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