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San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

by Linie Sherrod  MX Mexico

February 20, 2015   |    1,717 reads    |   0 comments

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San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico - Book Cover Did Not Load!My husband and I live in Baja California, Mexico. Specifically, San Felipe. We are 150 miles South of El Centro, on the East Coast of Baja, right on the Sea of Cortez. In the 1970's I drove from Los Angeles to the West Coast of Baja to Rosarito Beach and Ensenada many times. But I never even knew about the East Coast of Baja. My husbands' family settled here first in the mid-90's. I've been here since 2002 and I Love living here. Unfortunately, the United States media paints a terrible picture of living conditions here. This short book will tell you a little bit of what it is like to live and retire in San Felipe.

About The Author

I wrote a little book "SQUIGMONT ROSS MCNEIL AND THE PURPLE CAT." After publishing it on Amazon, I was hooked. The next book I wrote was a kindle picture book about one of my cats "WINKIE". Then "Winkie" became a Hard Copy book. Retired and living in Baja California, Mexico, we say here that we have “no bad days”. We also find a lot to write about.

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