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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

4-Week Meal Plan for Beginners with Easy Recipes to Fight Inflammation and Restore Your Healthy Weight
by Emma Green  US United States

July 18, 2018   |    969 reads    |   0 comments

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Book coverLearn how to Revitalize Your Life, Fight Inflammation, and Enjoy Delicious Meals while Restoring Your Healthy Weight

Do you know that many people consider inflammation an attack on their body? The truth, however, is that inflammation is a natural process your body uses to protect itself. Usually, inflammation is a result of a number of chemical reactions caused by your body’s hormones to fight infections or rebalance body chemicals. Inflammation and pain are simply signs that there is something wrong with our bodies. This could be an attack by pathogens, nutritional deficiency or excess accumulation of certain nutrients. Research has linked body inflammation to a number of medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases and Alzheimer's disease among others.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet offers a step-by-step approach to changing your nutrition and even your lifestyle habits. Detailed information will help you to get closer to your goal with every step you take.

For your satisfaction, this anti-inflammatory cookbook offers:
• A Comprehensive Overview for understanding the basics, benefits, foods to avoid while being on the Anti Inflammatory Diet
• 60+ savory recipes with colorful images and nutritional information
• Simple breakfast ideas,  amazingly flavorful snacks, chicken, fish and even dessert recipes
• Special chapters for smoothies, mousses, and ice-cream lovers.


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