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How to Simplify Your Life

Change Your Mind for Better Now and Happier Tomorrow

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How to Simplify Your Life - Book coverCan you remember the last time you enjoyed the sunset, lazy afternoon or a lazy coffee with a friend, without any rush or an urge to do something? When was the last time you told a child, "yes, we have enough time for one more story,”? And then you read it slowly and consciously, or talked to them until they fell asleep, then watched them sleep for a while?
Most of us live in an endless race for achievements, chasing more and more of everything. In that constant rush, we don't take time to enjoy life, which passes by. What we need is to slow down and make things simpler. We need to reexamine, organize and declutter everything in our lives - from our home to our habits to our company to work to hobbies - everything. We need to purge and declutter mind, declutter stuff, declutter your home, find out what is serving us, and toss away everything else.
We aren’t saying that you don't need to work, or that you don't have a lot of tasks to finish. We don't suggest you give up everything and move to a beach far, far away, to simply fish and swim all day every day for the rest of your life (although that's one amazing idea). In this self-development book, we are talking about simplicity in life as a way to find more fulfillment and achieve authentic happiness.
We offer you 30 principles (ways) to apply simplicity to our lives, and you will make more time and space for what really matters. Reading this book, you will find out how simplicity would affect your life, and how to simplify all areas of your life - your daily activities, habits, and routines, work, home, family time, organization and systems, your schedule. You will also learn why "enough" is a magic word, how to change your mindset for success and how to slow down and why to enjoy doing nothing. At the same time, you will release stress and many distractions. This guide to minimalism book will bring you more peace of mind, better focus, and more joy. You'll become calmer, more present, more focused, more efficient, and more satisfied.

You will discover:
•    What are your priorities in life (we will evaluate your engagements and time)
•    Why you need to learn to say NO
•    Why limitation of your communication, information and media can be useful for you (including simplifying your online life)
•    Steps to minimalism: change buying habits, tips to declutter your house, clothes, as well as decluttering your mind and in this way decluttering your life
•    How to free up time and then fill your time with doing what you love
•    What “enough” is
•    Why you need to stop multitasking
•    How to express yourself
•    How to find inner simplicity and learn to do nothing
•    And much much more!
Choose those principles you like the most and try to incorporate them into your daily life. When you feel the difference, you will probably want to try out more of them.
Life is a precious gift. You've got an opportunity to make your heaven on Earth!

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