Anthony Glenn

Author, Psychologist, Teacher
United States


Anthony Glenn is a teacher, psychologist, and author of bestsellers such as Mental Hygiene, Nature of Panic Attacks, and several more top selling self-improvement books. Not only is he a psychologist specializing in anxiety and anger management who has helped countless people to overcome stress, panic attacks, and anger issues, but he has faced some of these struggles himself.

Anthony committed himself to researching the impact of stress, burnout and tension on mental health, specializing in anxiety and stress management. He developed a unique way of resolving mental health issues, which has helped many people to regain their balance. To date, Anthony has published seven books that have explored his personal journey of introspective growth.

You won't find empty wordiness in his writing. HE USES A BRIEF, STRAIGHT-TO-THE POINT STYLE, WHICH GIVES DIRECT SOLUTIONS FOR SOLVING PARTICULAR PROBLEMS. He sees his books as guides and pathways to finding a higher version of the self. By sharing personal experiences and ideas, Anthony has helped thousands of people across the world improve their lives.

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