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Nature of Panic Attacks

How to Understand and Cure the Symptoms

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Nature of Panic Attacks - Book cover

Are you someone who suffers from panic attacks? Do you know anyone who needs help? Maybe you’re just a curious person and would like to learn how to prevent panic attacks.
This self-help book is for you!
In the middle of a typical day, while you’re walking in the park, or even sitting at home on your couch, you suddenly feel your heart begin to beat rapidly and irregularly. It’s pounding, you’re shaking, feeling chest pain, and can’t breathe. You are afraid, sure that it’s a heart attack and the end is near. You rush to the emergency room… This is exactly what happened to me (the author) when I experienced a panic attack for the very first time in my life. It was terrible, it seemed like the end of the world. You might feel ashamed, alone in your problem, and confused.
Don’t worry: there are many ways of successfully dealing with the issue.
This anxiety workbook is here to be the friend who understands you and knows how to help. The more you know about panic, the safer you will feel. You’ll also find advice on how to help yourself and what to do to take back control of your life. All of the methods described in this book have helped me and other people find a cure.

You’ll discover:
 - The definition of panic attacks and panic disorders
 - Panic attack symptoms
 - Why a panic attack happens
 - How to help with panic attacks: efficient self-help techniques, first response
 - How to prevent panic attacks
 - How to help someone with a panic attack or anxiety disorder
 - Why you should practice mindfulness and how it can help
 - How to change your mind and overcome anxiety
 - How to achieve mental hygiene and peace of mind
 - And much more!

Use this mind training book as your guide. Read it as many times as you need and try to apply the advice to your case. You’ll see a huge difference and be encouraged to face panic attacks and control them once and for all.

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Anthony Glenn is a teacher, psychologist, and author of bestsellers such as Mental Hygiene, Nature of Panic Attacks, and several more top selling self-improvement books. Not only is he a psychologist specializing in anxiety and anger management who has helped countless people to overcome stress, panic attacks, and anger issues, but he has faced some of these struggles himself. Anthony...

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